Legacy Investment Funds is an alternative investment umbrella fund structure established under the Liechtenstein law in the form of a unit trust. It represents a family of investment strategies managed by TRINITY PARTNERS AG which invest into private equity and real estate yield or development projects.

Each of the sub-funds represents a segregated unit which is authorized by the FMA. Legacy Investments Funds are intended for qualified and professional investors seeking to invest into mid- to long-term strategies.

Legacy investment funds can function only thanks to the most reliable service providers who share our principles. Their expertise, loyalty and professionalism are crucial to us, so only the best in the market can comply with our high standards and requirements.

AIFM: IFM Independent Fund Management AG
Landstrasse 30, FL – 9494 Schaan
Custodian: Kaiser Partner Privatbank AG
Herrengasse 23, FL – 9490 Vaduz
Portfolio Manager: Trinity Partners AG
Städtle 17, FL – 9490 Vaduz