private equity

We strive for creating a generational value inspired by family owned businesses.

The sub-fund was launched in June 2019 and represents an open structure for professional and qualified investors seeking a mid to long-term investment strategy in the area of private equity *.

The investment objective (strategy) of the “Private Equity” sub-fund is to invest directly or indirectly in all types of private equity instruments. Our main target is to acquire equity participations in CEE companies from various industries and to build a strong and reliable diversified portfolio which offers a wide variety of synergies and growth opportunities. We mainly focus on targeting companies including manufacturing, IT, infrastructure, finance, healthcare and the retail sector.

We strive for creating a generational value inspired by family owned businesses. Therefore, we are not necessarily looking for companies with great stories, but for companies which can potentially become great stories and fill in the gap of missing opportunities. For this reason, the exit from already acquired equity participation is part of our risk management, rather than a part of the investment plan. In order to pursue our vision and exercise control and management, we prefer to strike for majority stake. We act as responsible owners protecting investors’ interests, taking into consideration employees, customers, shareholders and regional as well as local communities.

* The performance of the units depends on the investment policy as well as the market development of the individual investments of the sub-fund and cannot be determined in advance. There is no guarantee that the fund will attain its investment objective and that capital gains will be achieved. When returning units, the investor may not be able to recover the amount originally invested in the fund.

private equity

Company SL SLOVAKIA, a.s. is a prominent producer of hydraulic cranes, towing systems, and accessory equipment.
When ESSEL was originally acquired, it was in a distressed situation, however today it represents a successful turnaround story. The company was completely restructured and updated in every area. Turnover has increased by 500% and the number of employees has almost doubled. Modern management processes were adopted. We invest systematically and seek to develop our potential to its best.